Thursday, September 13, 2012

Survivor Season 25 Names

The Cast for Season 25 of 'Survivor'
I got very excited today when I found out that the cast of the upcoming season of 'Survivor' has now been announced. Mainly because this means that the new season of 'Survivor' starts just next week!! I always love watching the different personalities each season brings, and seeing how they interact with each other. And I love discovering the new batch of names every season. This is the show that introduced me to the exotic Parvati, Cirie and Yau-Man. And where else would you see a Troyzan and a Tarzan in the same place?

The other thing intriguing thing with 'Survivor' names is the chance that the show will change how you think about the names you already know. As we have all experienced, our impression of a name can be influenced greatly by other people. How many times have you fallen out of love with a name because you knew a bully in school with that name, or your partner has an ex with that name, or that horrible woman you work with has that name?  For me, 'Survivor' has made Colby more than just a type of cheese; Sugar seem like an acceptable nickname for an adult; and Colton a bitchy diva name rather than a strong manly name. With so many big personalities on Survivor every season, there is always a chance that a name will suddenly take on a different light.

So with that said, the cast of the upcoming season 25 of Survivor will give us the following crop of names to fall in (or out) of love with.

The Girls
Abi-Maria - wouldn't work quite the same if it were Abby-Maria or Abbi-Maria. Abi is just the right amount of cute to balance out the tried-and-true grown up Maria.
Dawson (Sarah Dawson) - I'm intrigued that she goes by her last name. Quite like this on a girl even though I've only seen it on a boy before.
Katie - interesting that both Angie and Katie are ex-pageant girls. Does the fact that they both have nickname names mean they seem more outgoing and approachable, and therefore more attractive maybe?
RC (Roberta) - no mention of her middle name, which I'm guessing starts with a C because her last name doesn't.
Roxy (Roxanne) - The name Roxanne plummeted just a decade ago. I'm not sure why when it has such a spunky nickname.

The Boys
Artis - this one I hadn't heard before! Apparently it's a form the name Arthur, which means Bear. Of course, also sounds just short of the occupation Artist, which could cause some confusion.
Carter - Do you think of Carter as a preppy type or laid back surfer dude?
Malcolm - haven't often given this name much thought, but I quite like it. Especially when associated with Captain Mal Reynolds from the show 'Firefly'.
Pete (Peter)
Zane - I have to admit to having a thing for the 'ane' names - Dane, Kane, Lane, Zane....

Happy viewing everyone!

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  1. I hadn't heard Artis before either! I wonder how many people meet him and think his name is Artist?

    Artis is also the Latin word for "art".