Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 Round Up

Happy Halloween Everyone!

If you've been checking out my blog this month, you'll already know that I've been featuring possible Halloween inspired names all month. Rather than profile one more today, here's a quick summary of my featured names and the inspirations for each choice.

I look forward to bring you another round of Halloween inspired names next October!

ALESSA - the scary girl in the super scary based-on-a-video-game movie 'Silent Hill'

SIX - spooky number that is especially devilish when written in triplicate

ALCIDE - super hot werewolf dude from 'True Blood'

BOO - a ghostly, ghastly sound

ROMERO - from legendary zombie movie writer/director George

FORREST - 'cos they're dark and spooky

AMITY - for scary real life town Amityville

DRESDEN - favourite fictional wizard come paranormal investigator

OBSIDIAN - black gemstone also known as "wizard's stone"

SCREAM QUEENS - no good horror movie is complete without one

BRAM - famous author of  'Dracula'

MITCHELL - hot and brooding vampire from 'Being Human'

HERMIONE - the fabulous Miss Granger of 'Harry Potter' fame

MOCKINGBIRD - address of the lovable Munster family

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