Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Bachelor Season 17 Names

Bachelor 17 - Sean Lowe
In the next few weeks several of my favorite TV shows will be returning to our screens, whether it be for a new season or from a mid season break. 'The Bachelor' is one of those shows. It's hard to believe it has been going for 17 seasons now! It has also spawned 'The Bachelorette' (with 8 seasons so far) and 'Bachelor Pad' (with 3 seasons up it's sleeve) so looks like the producers are onto a winning formula.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the formula is simple. One handsome, single guy (or girl) who is looking to end their life of flings and unsuccessful relationships and marry a person who they feel they could truly spend the rest of their life with is presented with a number of people of the opposite sex vying for their affections. Through cocktail parties and dates ranging from the cozy (camping in the backyard, baking cookies) to the glamorous (helicopter rides over exotic locations) the bachelor eliminates suitors until they decide upon the one special person they want to spend their life with.

Corny? Yes. Trashy? Sometimes. Scandalous? It's a boring season without scandal! But this all makes for some very addictive, guilty pleasure watching, especially for romantics like myself. And while very few of these relationships last the distance, we always hold hope that this couple will be the next Trista and Ryan, Jason and Molly, or Ashley and J.P, who have all made it down the aisle and are still together today.

Season 17 starts January 7th, and features the hunky Sean Lowe as the bachelor. If you watched the last season of the 'The Bachelorette' where he was vying for Emily Maynard's affections, you will already be familiar with his good looks and calm confidence. And of course his muscles! Sean is a real southern sweetheart.

The ladies of this season are:
AshLee F.
Sean's all ready to hand out the roses
Ashley P.
Ashley H.
Kacie (rumoured "mystery" contestant)

A couple of things stand out about this line up. 1 - Ashley was a popular name in the 80's when most of these women were born; and 2 - names ending with the "ie"/"ey"/"y" sound in general were pretty popular.

Other than that, my favourite name picks from this list are Tierra, Taryn and Desiree. They're the few that stand out as different and somewhat unique - in fact, I don't think I've ever heard Tierra before, but I quite like it. It's a mix between Tia and Sierra, and could receive a boost from the show. Or maybe not - early gossip is that Tierra is quite the interesting one in the house. How about you - are you a closet Bachelor fan? What names on this list catch your eye?


  1. You know, I love the sound of Taryn. I'm a sucker for Tamsin and Lauren, too. It seems like it is just narrowly on the feminine side, like Larkin or Laken or Kester or some other names that I love finding on girls. But none of the spellings looks right. Taryn is the most common, I think - but the yn ending looks forced.

    Interesting that all three Ashleys have a last initial, while the Lesley/Leslie duo goes without ...

    1. Tamsin is a favourite of mine too :)

      Taryn does seem to tread a thin line between feminine and masculine. I know a few male Tareks, which is quite close, but do also know a couple of (female) Taryns, so I gues it hadn't really crossed my mind before.

      I'm thinking that the last initial thing is possibly because the Lesley/lies don't make the first cut, whereas one or more of the Ashleys do. I guess we'll find out soon...

  2. Yes, I'm a closet fan. But I've gotten over the formula at this point and follow via recaps and things like that. Tierra is very "American" in my mind. I see the Tia/Sierra connection but am more inclined to believe her parents played off the idea of 'tiara,' which I've heard of before. But I think Selma is my favourite just because, apart from Selma Blair, young, attractive women are not what comes to mind when I hear it (thinking Aunt Selma from the Simpsons, for one!)

    1. I hadn't seen the Tiara connection before - maybe because we pronounce it Tee-ARR-ah here in Aus? I can see where it could come from though, it's like a phonetic spelling of the different pronunciation.

      Spot on with Selma - I immediately think of the Simpsons too, forgetting about the gorgeous Selma Blair!

    2. In North America, Tee-ARR-ah is still the proper pronunciation, but laziness abounds ;) Tee-AIR-ah has become generally accepted.