Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guess the Royal Baby Name!

This photo may be a spoof, but I love the idea
that the name is causing so much excitement for everyone!

It's hard to turn anywhere at the moment without hearing the excitement about the imminent birth of the new British Royal bub! And it's nice to see that us self-professed name nerds aren't the only ones interested in names for a change. People have been placing bets for month now on not only whether the baby will be a young Prince or Princess, but what name - or more accurately, string of Royal names - the baby will be given.

If you're not a betting person, the next best way to get involved is by entering the Nameberry Royal Baby Name competition! It's a fun way to put your skills to the test, plus you can win any product (to the value of $100) in the Nameberry store that you want. And they have some super cute things, such as the baby name bunting and personalised baby blankets. Plus, it's a good distraction from the waiting ☺

I'm off to bed now to sleep on what I think it will be, but make sure you get your guesses in before the eagerly awaited bub arrives!

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