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It's a little hard to decide how to start this post. Adair (pronounced ah-DARE) may seem like a quiet, innocuous little name, but I when you look a little closer, there's a lot to like about Adair.

1. Adair is a great, newly emerging unisex option
Adair is one of the freshest of the unisex "A" options. It has such a different feel to the classic Alex, or the oh-so-hot-right-now Avery. And because it is currently so uncommon, you're less likely to come across people who have pre-conceived notions of whether it's a "boys name" or a "girls name" when you introduce your little one to them for the first time.

2. Adair has a sound that people like
Claire is one similar sounding classic name. Blair would be considered by many to be a modern day classic. Adair is possibly the natural progression from these, the next spunky and preppy "air" name.

3. Adair is a nature name
And I always love a nature name! Adair comes from the Gaelic surname 'doire' meaning 'oak grove'. It is also thought to have come from either Old English or Old German as a variant of the name Edgar, a name derived from the words 'ead' meaning 'prosperity' and 'gar' meaning 'spear'. Hence Adair is also quoted to have the meaning 'spear of prosperity'. Both meanings have a very strong, solid image, belying it's almost soft sound.

4. Adair has a history but sounds modern
It's great to find something that feels new yet turns out it has a long history of use. Much of that is as a surname. But you may be surprised to know it has been charting as a given name in the U.S. since 1914 for boys and 1916 for girls. The highest position it has ever reached for either though was #1663 for boys in 2011. A history may not be high on everyone's list of desirables in a name, but it's nice for a child to feel connected to the world through their name.

5. Adair comes with great nicknames
It doesn't come much cooler than the nickname Dare. In fact, this is one of those situations where it's understandable that people would want to change the spelling (to Adare) just so they can more easily use Dare as a nickname. It's less cheesy than Danger and works for either gender. Or maybe you prefer Addie for your female Adair. This lovely vintage nickname would be a good compromise for parents torn between a modern or more classic sounding name.

There you have it - five great reasons to fall in love with Adair. I do of course have to add that in Australia you'd have to be quite daring (excuse the pun) to use it due to the very well recognised manchester and linen chain store Adairs. But if you're not in Australia and you're wondering how usable this name is, I'd say go for it. It's a great little name that has a lot to offer.

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  1. My grandmas maiden name was Adair. I was so close to my grandma that ever sence she died I wanted to name my daughter (if I ever have one) after her. She name was Sharon Edna adair. Her name is very old style so I was pondering names similar to Sharon like Shannon but one day I came across a article on sir names as first names. The arrival mentioned Adair as a girls first name. If I ever have a girl I want to name her that. I hope the father would like it and understand why I choose it.