Friday, September 20, 2013

Movie Name Quote

Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, James Franco, Seth Rogen,
Danny McBride and Jonah Hill in 'This Is The End'

You may have seen a movie recently called 'This Is The End'. Not to be confused with 'The World's End', which was the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movie, 'This Is The End' stars Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and bunch of their mates pretty much playing parodies of themselves.

I have to say I had very ordinary expectations of this movie going in, as it sounded a bit like one of those vanity pieces that are an excuse for a heap of mates to make a movie together but ultimately turns out to be largely unfunny. Was I ever pleasantly surprised though, as it is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I know a lot of people have slammed it as "teenage boy" humour, but each to their own. I really don't get 'Jackass' and those movies make millions.

Anyway, if you've seen it, you may have forgotten this small exchange. About ten minutes in there is a scene where Jonah is telling Jay Baruchel and Seth about an incontinent spaniel he has just adopted.

Jonah - She's a really beautiful soul. Her name's Ahjhai
Seth - Ahjai?
Jonah - Yeah
Seth - How do you spell that?
Jonah - A-H-J-H-A-I

The pronunciation actually sounds more like ahz-har, which I'm guessing is meant to be a funny take on Asia, just with a "fancy" spelling and pronunciation. What do you think? In a movie where they are poking fun at themselves as being somewhat pretentious, do you think this name fits the bill?

Out of interest, a quick Google tells me that this name has never charted in the U.S., but there are some people (looks to be only girls) out there wearing this name. I don't know how they pronounce it or what it means though. I wonder if it will appear on the SSA charts next year......


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  2. It looks like a variant of either Asia, Azure or Ajai ... names where I can't figure out what they are supposed to be always give me name-nerdy teethgrinding.

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was the intention ;)

  3. Ahjhai looks interesting, although I'll admit that I would probably trip over the pronunciation. I agree with Anna, not knowing the origin etc is annoying!

    P.S You might want to change the top quote (Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, James Franco, Seth Rogen,
    Danny McBride and Jonah Hill in 'The World's End') to "This Is The End."


    1. Haha - it was so confusing that those two movies were released so close to each other! Thanks for picking that up :)