Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Syllable Nature Word Names - Colt, Sage & Onyx

There's something undeniably attractive about one syllable names. They're a good option if you want an (almost) nickname proof first name, or want to balance out a long and complicated last name. They can also work some magic in the middle position when you want to create a particular flow between multi-syllable first and last names.

Nature word names are among the most popular single syllable names, especially in the middle. Lee and Rose are two in particular that are perennial middle name favourites. Disney Baby also pegged nature names - and word names - as trends for middle names in 2013.

Choices range from the tried and true to the quirky and rare - and there is definitely a very wide range of them to choose from. My below list is restricted just to nature words, and still comes in at an impressive 160 names long! There are sure to be other great choices that could be added, and if you widen the scope even further to include names with nature related meaning, this list doubles.

One thing is for sure though - even with just one syllable, nature names do not have to be boring!


  1. Onyx and Jewel are two-syllable names. . .

  2. .Beautiful wonders of nature gives you a scope to choose beautiful names for your little one inspired by nature .Motherszone gives a list of coolest nature inspired baby names for girls and boys.

  3. i like doe and reed