Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Quick Hello

Just a quick post today! I feel like I need to apologise to my regular readers as it has been a few weeks between posts now, which is pretty rare here at Baby Name Pondering.

Without going into too much detail, we've recently done our first cycle of IVF. I found it to be quite an emotional time, and the hormones left me feeling sore and tired most evenings, when I usually write posts. As I like to keep things mostly upbeat here, I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to be waxing lyrical abut what I find interesting and beautiful in names.

Unfortunately our first attempt was unsuccessful, but we plan to keep trying until it works for us. In other news though, I've started a second blog called Everything Else, which will basically chronicle those other things in my life besides names. It will definitely include our IVF journey, so if you are going down a similar path feel free to stop by. Hopefully there will be good news to share there before too long. I'll also share some of my craft projects, maybe the occasional recipe and probably some gratuitous photos of my adorable cat Luna and my Christmas decorations (which I have an unexplainable obsession with). And whatever else takes my fancy at the time.

And of course there will be new name posts coming soon here - I promise! There are still plenty of names and name related topics that I want to explore, so stay tuned. And most of all, thanks for reading


  1. Good luck, Brooke! Keeping my fingers crossed that your next attempt is the one that works! :)

  2. Hi Brooke, I'm sorry to hear things have been difficult recently. All the best with your future posts on both blogs!

  3. Hello Brooke, and thanks for posting this. I'm sorry you've been feeling too tired to blog, but it's all in a very good cause. Best of luck on your journey through IVF, and here's hoping the next cycle is the right one for you.

    1. Thanks Anna. I've still been collecting some BA's for you - will send them through soon ;)