Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Things Are Happening

A slight departure from my usual posts today, as I thought I'd share with you a few of the awesome things that have been happening for me and Baby Name Pondering lately.

Firstly, I was delighted recently to learn that Baby Name Pondering had been included on a list of the best blogs for baby name inspiration at Disney Baby last month! As far as I know it's the first mention I've gotten on one of these types of lists, and it was very exciting to see my blog included with several of my favourites, including Baby Name Wizard, Nameberry, Appellation Mountain and Waltzing More Than Matilda to name a few. It's quite a comprehensive list, so worth checking out if you're after some extra inspiration.

Secondly,  the second issue of Matilda Magazine is ready for reading, and includes a story from yours truly! Check out page 30 for my article on Surname Names, which includes an A-Z guide on some popular, some not-so-popular, and some very rare choices. I'm loving surname names at the moment.

Matilda Magazine New Issue

It's a great second issue - I'm particularly liking an interview with little Arrow's mother on the process they went through in choosing her name. I remember reading the threads in the Nameberry forums before Arrow was born, and let's just say they were some of the more interesting (and long) debates I have ever seen on their site. I'm glad they stuck with the name they knew would work for them.

Unfortunately Kate and Sarah have been experiencing a few problems with their regular site lately, but you can find the new magazine at Matilda Magazine also has a Facebook page, so if you love the current issue be sure to drop them a line and let them know - they put in a lot of work and the result is a beautiful magazine.

Finally, you may have noticed that a new "Vote For Me Now" button has been added to the right hand side of the page. That's because I've entered the Best Australian Blogs 2013 competition, following a suggestion that one of my readers made late last year. If you love (or even just really, really like) Baby Name Pondering, please take a couple of minutes to vote for me in the People's Choice round of the competition. It's super easy and you don't have to be an Australian to vote. I'm also fairly sure I'm the only naming blog in the competition - which is to say I didn't see any blogs that I recognise, or any with the word "name" in it - so it would also be great to get some more attention for naming blogs in general.

That's it from me for now - hope you're all enjoying your Easter holiday (if you celebrate it where you live), and I'll be back with more names for you soon.


  1. Congratulations, and I'd be happy to vote for your blog.

    I missed the deadline for entry, as in I only discovered this competition existed after entries had closed, so I would love to support another Aussie name blog.

    Can you tell me which category you entered, as I read all of them, and I couldn't decide which one I should have entered, even if I had been in time?

  2. I voted for you :]

  3. Thanks for the support ladies!

    Sorry you missed this year - I looked for you. I ended up going with the personal/parenting category, as I figured this is a bit of a personal obsession, and many readers would be parents. I also considered the words and writing category but it seemed to be all authors and book reviews, and the lifestyle/hobby one, but it didn't feel quite right. Fingers crossed!

  4. I'll remember to get my entry in early for 2014! :)

    I guess I would have to go personal/parenting, but I do wish they had a reference, Australian culture or speciality section.