Friday, May 16, 2014

10 Useful Facts about the 2013 SSA Data

 To make it to the SSA lists, a name must be given to 5 or more children of the same gender in that year. Using this criteria, the 2013 lists cover the names given to 1,871,467 bouncing baby boys and 1,736,630 darling new girls.

 Despite there being more than one hundred thousand more boys than girls, over five thousand more girl names (19,114 names) make the list than boy names (13,958 names).

 Compared to the number of names that made the lists in 1880, in 2013 the range of boys names has increased by 1319% and girls by 2029%.

 Sophia kept her #1 crown, despite being given to 1,083 fewer girls in 2013 than 2012. She accounts for 1.214% of girls on the list.

 Noah toppled the mighty Jacob, but was bestowed on 809 fewer boys in 2013 than Jacob was in 2012. Noahs born in 2013 account for just 0.967% of all boys on the list.

 At the other end of the spectrum, 1927 boy names and 2,693 girl names only just made the cut (given to only 5 boys or girls each). 

 By number of births Sadie and Jase experienced the biggest leap in use - while Isabella and Ethan decreased the most.

 By rank the biggest risers in the top 100 were Sadie and Jase; in the top 1000 it was Daleyza and Jayceon, for the complete lists the winners were Tahiry and Jaceyon.

 The biggest decreases by rank were experienced by Makayla and Kayla for girls and Brandon for boys in the top 100, Kenia and Bently in the top 1000, and Yuritza and O'Neil overall.

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