Friday, May 23, 2014

Questionable Girls' Word Names

Original Photo Courtesy of
Mali Workman Photography
I came across a BuzzFeed post today that I thought would be a fun one to share. It's a list titled '127 Questionable Words That Would Actually Be Nice Names For Girls'.

It's a sentiment that can cause many creative namers to stumble. It feels like I've often seen people on forums say that they've fallen in love with AnnaLee, or Annaleigh, or maybe even Auralee (OK, that was my own one-time musing), only to despair that they could never use it when they realise how it sounds when said out loud.

But not all people feel the same - or maybe they just don't realise the association. So here are the names from the BuzzFeed list that have all charted at least once in the U.S. for girls (plus a few thoughts for fun).

5. Anally - demonstrating the importance of Googling something before you use it as a name.
17. Envy (charted for both) - not one of the more flattering or inspirational "virtue" words.
20. Vanity - ditto for this one.
24. Deny (but for boys only) - maybe these were meant to be little Denny's?
36. Acura - I had to Google this one - it would probably be just fine in countries outside the U.S. Even if it does sound as if you are searching for a medical miracle.
37. Shandy (both) - well, if Brandy and Candy are OK.....
44. Anime - for real fans.
48. Every - longer than Ever, less frilly than Everly, and a twist on Emery.
52. Flavia - this probably shouldn't have made the list as it actually IS an Ancient Roman name.
55. Surely - is this a question? At least it's more assertive than #86 on this list.
56. Mania - this is just crazy.
64. Quora - because your daughter is the answer to your questions.
65. Marijuana - were you high?
66. Coma (both) - some very suggestive jokes spring to mind, mainly about slipping into one.
74. Any - did you mean Amy?
76. Epiphany - this is actually quite pretty.
79. Australia (both) - as an Australian, this is flattering. But a little strange.
81. Veranda - a cross between Veronica and Miranda leaves you with a porch.
86. Kinda - can't help but think her sister is named Maeby.
87. Haiti - personally I prefer Heidi, but then it wouldn't be a place name.
91. Millennia - one guess as to which years this name charted.
93. Chutney - and Relish. Yum, but no thanks.
109. Shady (both) - Eminem fans? Or maybe a sister to Veranda. Or a misspelled Shandy.
112. Margarine - no, it's not a pretty twist on Marjorie. And too many possible jokes about spreading.
113. Aetna - a little sickly sounding.
116. Daily (both) - you're having a child, not a newspaper.
123. Vanilla - so sweet! So very sugary sweet.
125. Dairy - I don't want to know what her middle name is, but it better not be cow.


  1. I was so excited to see Australia on the list (as I covered it on my blog), but confused as to why it's questionable - I've seen America, Ireland, Jamaica, China, India etc used as names, so why not Australia?

    I have seen a baby Anally in a birth notice here. I guess they wanted a little twist on Anna, and a little twist on Lee, and they went one twist too far. Also seen Envy and Vanity on real bubs, not a fan.

    I have seen Vanilla on a real baby too, which sounds quite on trend. I'm guessing they're calling it questionable because of the sexual meaning of the word.

    I think Epiphany is pretty too - and it's the original form of plain old Tiffany! :)

  2. "And too many possible jokes about spreading." lol.

    Oralee has made the US list a bunch of times -- not quite the same thing as Orally (#32), but close. Close enough to turn into a pun, certainly.

    The Dairy/cow thing reminds me of Moo, which has also been on the list lately (for both genders). Still not 100% sure where that one comes from. I know there's a Hawaiian word "mo'o" that means lizard, but...that's probably not the answer.