Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Girls Birth Announcements

Photo courtesy of Babies By Britt

As promised, here is a selection of the girl names chosen by parents with a December due date on Baby Center Australia (the boys post can be found here). This list is admittedly longer, mainly because there were way more girls born in this group than boys so it was hard to shorten it while still showing a good selection of the wide variety of names used. And there are some great ones.

Of the full selection, Charlotte was the most popular first name, given to five girls. Maybe Princess Charlotte had an impact on this, although to be fair Charlotte was already extremely popular in Australia before the princess was born in May 2015 - she was our #2 name in 2014. As for the middle names, you'll see Rose a few times in the below list, and Rose was indeed the most popular middle name overall, used 11 times! Seems it's not just Nameberries that love Rose in the middle place.

Aaliyah Mae
Elodie Jade
Maya Lois
Abigail Grace
Emerson Lucy Lena
Megan Lily
Ada Violet
Emily Maree Isla
Mia Rose
Alexis Hope
Esther Pearl
Milla Grace
Alice Belle
Eva Theresa
Myka Elisabeth
Allirah Jayne
Gisele Rebecca
Alyssa Kristie
Greta Eve
Natalia Nicoletta
Amarli Diaz
Gwynevere Sky
Norah Joy
Anna Elizabeth Rose
Harper Leigh
Peyton Daphne
Antoinette Genevieve Leona
Hazel Scout
Piper Jane
Arianna Skye
Hollie Lorraine
Poppie Leigh
Audra Grace
Imogen Jean
Remi Julie Ann
Bailee Tymia
Indianna Rose
Ruby Mae
Bella Louise
Indie Allys Ihaia
Sadie May
Bree Emily
Isla Annelise
Scarlett Elizabeth Winter
Brooklyn Fay Riley
Ivy Anne
Sierra Blake
Charlotte Therese
Joy Alathea
Skylah Rose
Chasca Lee
Kaia Bailey
Sonja Jaye
Chloe Jane
Keira-Lee Jean
Sophie Renee
Delaney Rose
Khalise Louise
Tali Rose
Delilah Anne
Laihton Elizabeth
Tamara Heather
Eden Leigh
Legacie Nicole
Thea Audrey
Edie Lyla
Lilah Giulia
Tui Rose
Edith Sophia
Lut├Ęce Isabel Marguerite
Zali Lola
Elliana Grace
Mahli Claire
Zoya Mowlana

Twin Sets
Indie Rose and Mylie May
Melodi and Elis      

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