Thursday, June 14, 2012


The name Hilton has long held a special place in my heart. Not because I'm a huge Paris Hilton fan or love luxury hotels. But because Hilton is a family name that has been passed down as a middle name for at least four generations that I know of. It is the middle name of both of my brothers, my father, my grandfather and his father.

A couple of years ago, we went shopping for a new TV. And ended up buying a new leather lounge suite instead (go figure). I have to admit that as I sat there thinking "we're not really about to impulse buy a leather lounge suite, are we?" I decided that it was meant to be, simply because the salesperson's name badge identified him as Hilton. I figured that it must be a sign. Most likely this wouldn't be the case if the family name was John - or I might think it is a sign every time I go to buy chocolate from the supermarket - but as a name I almost never see and hold so dear, it took on a special meaning for me. And incidentally, we love the lounge suite :-).

Hylton is another variation, and both names mean 'hill settlement', coming from the Old English hyll (hill) and Norse tun (enclosure or settlement). It has even been thought that the name could pre-date the Norman conquest and possibly has Viking origins - which kind of increases it's cool factor, in my opinion.

Hilton is used as a given name, but is much more common as a surname. I daresay it's the obvious connection with the Hotelier Hiltons that have kept this name from reaching it's potential - otherwise it'd be right on trend with the other -on ending names and surnames as first names. So it looks as if at least for now this is going to be one name that remains rarely used as a given name, which I for one think is a shame.

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