Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scream Queens

Danielle Harris is the current regning Scream Queen

When it comes to Halloween movies, everyone loves a good Scream Queen.

"Scream Queen" is a term used for actresses who have appeared in several horror films, whether that be as a victim or a protagonist. They were originally dubbed Scream Queens because it seemed that their main role was to scream lots and lots and lots and wait to be rescued by a strong, handsome man, but the roles of females in horror movies have evolved far past that. How often do you watch a horror flick these days that starts with a young group trying to escape a crazed killer (or some other horrific menace), and ends with just one lone female surviving to tell the story?

This quote from actress Debbie Rochon (a Scream Queen herself) is a great description of the modern day Scream Queen - "a true Scream Queen isn't The Perfect Woman. She's sexy, seductive, but most importantly 'attainable' to the average guy. Or so it would seem."

I think it's this attainability that makes them attractive to guys, but not alienating to female fans of the genre. It's great to see girls using their brains and determination and coming out on top! This makes them not only great Halloween names, but also strong role models for girls.

So here's a list of actresses who are considered t be "Scream Queens", either in the past or present. Last names are in brackets to help you identify them. I haven't listed all of the horror movies they have appeared in (or we'll be here for a very longtime) so if you don't instantly recognise them I recommend you look them up on IMDB. Who knows, it might give you some ideas for great movies to include in your Halloween viewing this year :)

Adrienne (Barbeau)                                  Danielle (Harris)
Adrienne (King)                                 Danielle (Panabaker)
Agnes (Bruckner)                                 Debbie (Rochon)
Ali (Larter)                                              Eliza (Dushku)
Alexa (Vega)                                          Elsa (Pataky)
Amanda (Seyfried)                                  Erica (Leerhsen)
Amber (Heard)                                        Fay (Wray)
Andrea (Bogart)                                    Haylie (Duff)
             Arielle (Kebbel)                                  Heather (Langenkamp)
Barbara (Crampton)                               Jamie Lee (Curtis)
Barbara (Steele)                                  Jaime (King)
        Betsy (Palmer)                                  Jaimie (Alexander)
Beverley (Mitchell)                                   Janet (Leigh)
       Briana (Evigan)                                    Jennifer (Carpenter)
    Brinke (Stevens)                                      Jennifer (Love Hewitt)
Cerina (Vincent)                                           Jennifer (Tisdale)
Chelan (Simmons)                                        Jessica (Stroup)
Christy (Carlson Romano)                            Jodelle (Ferland)
Chloe (Moretz)                                             Judith (O'Dea)
  Clea (DuVall)                                             Kate (Beckinsale)
Courteney (Cox)                                     Katharine (Isabelle)
Crystal (Lowe)                                              Katie (Cassidy)
Lacey (Chabert)                                            Nikki (Bell)
Leighton (Meester)                                       Odette (Yustman)
              Linnea (Quigley)                                  Pamela Jane (PJ) (Soles)
   Maggie (Grace)                                          Radha (Mitchell)
Margo (Harshman)                                     Rhona (Mitra)
Mary Elizabeth (Winstead)                       Rose (McGowan)
Meagan (Good)                                        Roxy (Vandiver)
Melissa (George)                                         Sara (Paxton)
       Mercedes (McNab)                            Sarah Michelle (Gellar)
            Milla (Jovovich)                                Scout (Taylor-Compton)
          Mila (Kunis)                                        Sheri Moon (Zombie)
Naomi (Watts)                                    Stephanie (Honore)
Neve (Campbell)                                                                 
Katie Cassidy in the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street

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