Friday, January 11, 2013


"Hero" names can take many forms. Some go for the direct approach, simply using Hero (good for a girl or boy). Some prefer names with hero meanings. Others find their heroes from legends; or literature, comic books, movie characters, video games, sports, or music. The list goes on an on - writers, scientists, astronauts, directors, inventors, presidents, prime ministers - any area where you admire great strength (personal and or physical) and achievements. And our favorite actors are no exception.

Jason Statham is one of my favourite actors to make a living playing action heroes. Maybe you haven't noticed him - he can sometimes fly under the radar. But rest assured he is a bona fide action hero. If you need proof, remember that he made it into the line up for 'The Expendables' and 'The Expendables 2', arguably the most greatest line up of action movie heroes to ever occur in one place. 

Statham is an English actor who hit the scene in Guy Ritchie's 'Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels', which he then followed up with another Guy Ritchie movie, 'Snatch'. He's probably best known for his lead role in 'The Transporter' movies, but some of his other notable roles have been in 'The Italian Job', 'Crank', 'Death Race' and 'The Bank Job'. He's also very busy, with four movies due out this year, including 'Parker', in which Jennifer Lopez co-stars.

Jason Statham is, to put is simply, very sexy. He has a lean, athletic physique from years of professional diving and martial arts, and one of the best low, gravelly voices out there. And that fantastic accent doesn't hurt either. Guys love him too, mainly because he's so kick-ass cool that he does all of his own stunts. And it's this almost universal - but understated - appeal that make him an attractive movie hero namesake.

One of the great things about the name Statham (pronounced stath-AMM) is that it's very rare. It has only appeared on the American SSA lists once, in 2010, when it was given to just 6 boys. 2010 was the year that 'The Expendables' was released. Statham is an English surname that originated as a place name. It comes from the Old English word 'stoeth', meaning a landing stage or wharf, and hence Statham means 'settlement at the wharf'. This subtle reference to water may also appeal to those looking for a water related name that's not too obvious.

Statham has a slightly classy, preppy-ish feel for me, which I think is due to it's resemblance to Ivy League name (and 'Sex in the City' name) Stanford. Or maybe it's just due to Jason Statham's British-ness (yes, I realise that I'm just making up words now :)). But either way, it's almost certain that a boy with this name will be associated with Jason Statham. So if like me you think cool, classy, tough and sexy when you hear the name Statham, that's great. If not, then I'd say that this distinctive action hero name is probably not for you.

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  1. Statham is interesting, but I like the actor more than the name. :)