Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Photo courtesy of Tammy B Photography

Have you ever come across a name in a book that just feels so perfect as a name that you wonder why it isn't actually used as a name? This is how I feel about Axis.

I first saw Axis as the main male character in the aptly named Sara Douglass fantasy series 'The Axis Trilogy'. He also appears in 'The Wayfarer Redemption' series. Axis starts as a talented soldier, but soon learns that he has a greater destiny to fulfill, and becomes a legendary hero who saves his world.

I like the idea of Axis (pronounced ax-ISS) as a heroic, inspirational name. It is of course a word, which means any line used as a fixed reference for determining the position of a point or series of points, or about which a rotating body such as the Earth turns; or an alliance of two or more nations to coordinate their foreign and military policies. Both are reflective of the characters' role in the series. And if you look at Axis is the light of it being a central line or an anchor of sorts for other points, it could also be said that Axis is somewhat of an inspirational name in a similar way to the name North is an inspirational name.

Axis feels a little bit Axel, a little bit Atlas. But unlike both of those he is not a name steeped in mythology or meaning. Or if you like the idea of Axis but prefer it as a nickname for a more substantial name, it could be a fun option for a young Abraxas/Abraxis, or even Alexis.

Axis would be a very cool, strong and modern-but-not-made-up name. It also has that great "X" factor that is so hot right now. Due to my association with the character I immediately think of this as a boys name, but this could also be a funky spunky girls name. This is possibly because there is also a type of deer known as the axis deer (or the chital deer or spotted deer), and the imagery of the deer always makes me think of strength, grace and agility. It's the grace and agility part that makes deer related names feel well suited to girls (for me, at least).

If you are after a truly rare name, it's hard to find one rarer than Axis - this one has never appeared on the U.S. SSA lists. This could be one fantastic name for the parents willing to take a chance on it.


  1. I kind of love it - it has a great sound to it, and it has a real sci-fi sound to it.

    The only thing that would put me off is that Axis Powers are considered to be the enemy - the opposite of Allied Powers.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! My son is named Axis Nine and he just turned 10 this year. Axis is a such a strong name and totally unique.

  3. I just spoke to a girl at CVS who's name is Axis. I really love unique names, probably because my name USED to be unique. As a child in the 60s my name was not very popular, even though it is a very old name.
    Next time I know someone who is pregnant with a girl and looking for a unique name, I will recommend Axis.